Why Audience Development?

Audiences are vital to the arts. We know that there are a great many people who have only a casual interest in the arts. They can be put off for any number of reasons, often based on perceptions not on direct experience.

The reaction of the audience is one of the things that makes each live event special and unique. Virtually everything that is created in the arts is created with the need for an audience. In fact, without an audience the arts would loose their relevance.

An effective audience development programme can help to shape new patterns of thinking and behaviour. It seeks to understand more about attitudes, perceptions and the barriers to attendance. It designs new approaches to overcome those barriers. It can introduce and encourage people to experience the arts. It concentrates on the needs of the audience and how those needs can be fulfilled.

The successful application of audience development will help to provide a strong foundation to ensure that the arts of the future remain rich, riotous and relevant, enriching quality of life for the many, not the few.